I had the pleasure of being interviewed about my creative career path for the Road to Seven Podcast with Shelagh Cummins. In this interview, I discuss how I resisted becoming an artist for many years, in part because the cultural myth of the starving artist led me to believe that all artists had to be poor (pro tip: that’s not true!). I also talk about how I grew my audience on social media, perspectives on pricing work and communicating value, and my evolution as a creative entrepreneur.

The Road to Seven Podcast From Starving Artist to Thriving Artist with Naomi Clement

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I’m not really a fan of talking about myself (or hearing myself talk), but once I got over that and listened back to the podcast, I found myself thinking “wow, that lady knows what she’s talking about!” 🤓

Despite initially being a reluctant entrepreneur, I find it suits me pretty darn well. Especially when I get paid to geek out on the details of what makes a great pot.*

If you’re reading this and wondering how I figured it all out, the short answer is: trial and error. Lots of it.

I wish I could say that I learned the business side of being an artist in art school, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

That’s why I created my popular Professional Practices — A Bootcamp for Artists course. It is a comprehensive overview of everything I wish I knew when I was first starting out, and I created it to give you a jump start into building the creative career you’ve always wanted. You can learn more and get on the waitlist here.


* Wanna know my absolute favourite thing about owning my own business? Writing off my pottery purchases as business expenses–that’s my kinda research and development y’all 🤓