Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote for PotteryMaking Illustrated Nov/Dec 2019 issue titled: The Passage of Time.

I make pots that celebrate the tangible joy of the everyday—objects that will weave themselves into your daily routine and bear witness to the beautiful, mundane moments that make a life. I incorporate texture into my work to convey the passage of time, and to create pots that already have a story when they reach you. The combination of texture with layers of underglaze and slip creates a richer surface, resulting in objects that ask to be noticed, and reveal themselves over time.

The graphic elements in my work are derived from text from old family correspondence and ephemera, as a way to explore my history and connect past and present. Letters are digitally scanned and then laser cut into newsprint. By using this technology, I’m able to work with marks that are made by someone else’s hand, collaborating with the past to create objects for the future, and make the ephemeral endure. These newsprint text elements act both as a stamp and resist for color and texture.

The inspiration for my platter form comes specifically from vintage, carved wooden dough bowls: these are open and inviting forms, and I love that they can be used many different ways.

You can read the full article here.