Professional Practices for Artists

This is an on-demand virtual workshop

Learn the ins and outs and the dos and don’ts of being a professional artist!

Do you want to learn how to effectively promote yourself and your artwork, but feel overwhelmed about how to get started? 

Professional Practices — A Bootcamp for Artists, is a comprehensive, no-nonsense and approachable workshop that teaches you the tools you need to know to get your creative career off the ground. In this workshop, I will teach you all the things I wish I’d known when I first started out as a full-time artist.

I created Professional Practices — A Bootcamp for Artists to give you a jump start into building the creative career you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by social media and not sure where to start? Maybe you’re hitting a wall with your artist statement, and looking for a fresh perspective? Perhaps you’re looking for some tips on how to work with galleries and apply to grants? Or do you just want some real-world advice about how to price your work, and make money? 

If you’re looking to get the inside scoop on what it takes to be a working artist, Professional Practices is for you! 

In the Professional Practices workshop, you’ll be given a crash course on how to be a professional artist and present yourself and your work to the world. This virtual, go-at-your-own-pace workshop covers all the fundamental skills involved in being a working artist, including: navigating social media, writing artist statements, applying for shows and grants, working with galleries, selling & pricing your work, and more! Included in this workshop is a free, live Q&A session where you can get all your questions answered, and network with other makers.

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • How to navigate social media as an artist, figure out who your market is, and how you want to talk to them
  • Websites 101 
  • Setting artistic goals 
  • The professional documents every artist needs
  • Writing artist statements 
  • Photos and affordable photo equipment
  • Pricing Work
  • Time management (we’ve got to wear a LOT of hats y’all)
  • The basics of writing grants and applying for professional opportunities
  • Working with galleries, and applying to shows 
  • General professional do’s and don’ts
  • And more! 

As a bonus, you’ll also get: 

  • Access to a live Q&A session with Naomi, where she’ll answer your specific questions, and you’ll get to workshop your artist statement. ($150 value)
  • Access to a resource vault full of places to find opportunities, and links to resources I’ve found helpful in my career. ($100 value)
  • A no-holds-barred lesson on the age-old question: “To MFA, or not to MFA?” ($50 value)
  • Access to a candid conversation I have with a gallery owner and fellow artist, about some of the do’s and don’ts when working with a gallery. (priceless really 🤓)

PLUS, you’ll also get access to my popular “Packing & Shipping Pottery” course! ($37 value) 

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What students are saying about the Professional Practices Workshop: 

"Naomi! I have great news! In your Professional Practices Bootcamp, you pushed me to apply for a grant to cover a residency I'd been invited to abroad. I got the news today that it has been accepted. I'm shocked! After I finished dancing around the house, I told my husband and then phoned my parents to inform them I am a Real Artist now. Thank you for that shove in the right direction!” L. Larose 

"The Professional Practices course provided so much valuable information that was presented in a very comfortable format. Using the tips and techniques from this course, I was accepted into a curated exhibit for our local guild’s 50th Anniversary celebration. I had never imagined applying for an exhibition before I took this course, and I applied to this one for practice. I was shocked when I was accepted! Thank you, Naomi, for sharing your knowledge, experience, and encouragement!” J. Scott

Professional Practices FAQs:

When is the Live Q&A Session? As part of your course fee, you will have access to a two-hour, live Q&A session. Session dates and times are listed below.

April 18, 6:30-8:30 pm EST convert to your timezone here

What if I can’t join the Live Q&A session? The Q&A session will be recorded, and uploaded to the course dashboard for you to view. If you have questions that you’d like to ask, but can’t make the live session, there is a spot in the course dashboard where you can submit your questions in advance.

Learn the ins and outs and the dos and don’ts of being a professional artist!

Naomi Clement Online Pottery Educator and Ceramic Artist
About The Instructor

Hi, I’m Naomi Clement, I’m a ceramic artist, teacher, and creative entrepreneur. I’ve been working in clay for over 22 years, and I’ve taught workshops and exhibited my work all across Canada and the US. I have my BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, and my MFA in Ceramics from Louisiana State University.

When I graduated from art school (both times!) I had no idea how to go about actually being a professional artist and making a living. Sure, I knew how to make my work and talk about it, but navigating social media, creating websites, setting up a studio, working with galleries, and pricing my work? I had to figure that out on my own. So much of what I know and what I do as a full-time professional artist has been learned by trial and lots of error (LOTS of it).

⁠I teach classes like this to share all my hard-won professional experience with folks, and help make things a little easier for y'all. 

This is the class that I wish I could have taken when I was first starting out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the recording and other course materials?
Once you register for the workshop, you’ll get all the info on how to access the course delivered right to your inbox within about 15 min. You will need to create a login password within Naomi’s e-learning platform, Thinkific. Please save that information in your browser, so that you can easily access the course materials whenever you like.

How long do I have access to this course?
You’ll have access to this course for 1 year from the date of purchase. You can watch it as much as you like during that time, and on any devices you own!

How does it work?
This is a virtual workshop, simply purchase it in the shop! After that, check your inbox for an email from my virtual platform, Naomi’s School, with a link to login to your new account and access the course. The zoom link to the live class will be in your student dashboard, along with any other course materials.

Note: if you have previously purchased workshops through my website, the new course will be added to your existing student dashboard. Simply login there to access the new course. 

Due to the digital nature of this product we don’t offer refunds.

$275.00 USD
What students are saying about Naomi's workshops
" Naomi has such a relaxed and down-to-earth approach to teaching and is VERY generous with all she share. Love her workshops! I have attended two so far and look forward to more. Naomi is an EXCELLENT teacher! I've learned so much from her! "
— Lin
“ I have taken two workshops with Naomi and I learned so much at both! She is so patient and open with information and tips, which makes her so approachable for students and people learning. After those two workshops I would definitely take another workshop with Naomi! ”
— Hannah
“ I took your surface decoration workshop awhile back and just wanted to thank you!! I’ve been stuck on a project for too long—your workshop was very inspiring and really helped me focus on simplifying my idea. ”
— Heather

“ Great workshop again today. It was just what I needed. I'm motivated to get in the studio and dive in again – thank you! ”
— Gretchen
" I've taken 3 virtual workshops so far from Naomi Clement, and each one gives me such inspiration! I find myself watching more than once, taking copious notes, and so totally engaged that I'm amazed 2 hours can go by so quickly! "
— Kim
" Naomi is clear, concise, and very willing to answer all questions during the demo. I've asked Naomi questions post-workshop and she is incredibly responsive and kind. I really hope one day to take an in-person workshop from Naomi, but for now I will settle for online and look forward to more..."
— Kim