Finding Focus

This virtual course has both live and on-demand components

Learn strategies to refine your work and focus your artistic style!

Are you in the earlier stages of working with clay and looking for some guidance and critical feedback? Perhaps you’ve got a lot of different techniques you like to use, but are struggling to find some focus? Tired of just taking more “how-to” courses, and looking for some approachable strategies for digging into the “why” of your work?

The brand-new virtual course Finding Focus course was designed just for you!

In this virtual course, you will learn:

  • How to start focusing in on your visual and artistic interests and influences
  • Strategies for refining your work and training your eye as an artist
  • The basic elements of design that you should consider with your work
  • How to follow your instincts in the studio and begin to take more risks


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"This course was a lovely experience and Naomi is a gem. The resources she provided jump started my thinking about the why behind my work. Naomi offered excellent suggestions for exploration, education and community while growing my skill set at an early stage, and I am still referring back to my notes more than a year later." Jessica B. 2022 Student

What the course includes:

  • Two live 1.5-hour group sessions with Naomi, where she will outline her proven strategies for focusing and refining your work. The live sessions will be recorded, and you will have access to the recording for 1 year from purchase. 
  • Virtual lessons on design principles, and exercises with strategies for focusing & refining your work.
  • One year access to all course content.
  • Course size is limited to just 25 participants.
  • Plus, a bonus lesson on writing artist statements!

Course Format:

This course has both live session components where Naomi will present her strategies, as well as on-demand lessons in her virtual learning platform. You will have unlimited access to the course materials, including the live session recordings, for 1-year from the date of purchase and may watch the recordings as much as you like during that time.

Finding Focus FAQs:

When are the Live Group Sessions? As part of your course fee, you will have access to two 1.5-hour, live group sessions. Session dates and times are listed below.

January 30, 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST convert to your timezone
February 6, 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST convert to your timezone

What if I can’t join the Live sessions? The sessions will be recorded, and uploaded to the course dashboard for you to view. If you have questions that you’d like to ask, but can’t make the live session, there is a spot in the course dashboard where you can submit your questions in advance.

Naomi Clement Online Pottery Educator and Ceramic Artist
About The Instructor

Hi, I’m Naomi Clement, I’m a ceramic artist, teacher, and creative entrepreneur. I’ve been working in clay for over 22 years, and I’ve taught workshops and exhibited my work all across Canada and the US.  I have my BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, and my MFA in Ceramics from Louisiana State University.

Today I am well known for my elegant hand-built forms and the rich and layered surfaces on my pots. I was a thrower for many years, but switched to hand-building a few years ago now and have never looked back! At first I was intimidated by hand-building functional work—I thought it meant I wouldn’t be able to get consistent forms or that it would take forever to get a single pot. But I loved the new world of form and texture that opened up to me when I started hand-building my pots. Sure, it did take a bit longer, but ultimately I was way happier with the end results. Plus, slab-building my pots means I get to add lots of yummy texture to them which contributes to my signature layered surfaces. Hand-building opened up a whole new way of thinking about and decorating my work, and I’ve never looked back.

I created this workshop to share some of the basic strategies that have worked for me, and help you learn how to create your own unique pots!

$275.00 USD
What students are saying about Naomi's workshops
" Naomi has such a relaxed and down-to-earth approach to teaching and is VERY generous with all she share. Love her workshops! I have attended two so far and look forward to more. Naomi is an EXCELLENT teacher! I've learned so much from her! "
— Lin
" Naomi is clear, concise, and very willing to answer all questions during the demo. I've asked Naomi questions post-workshop and she is incredibly responsive and kind. I really hope one day to take an in-person workshop from Naomi, but for now I will settle for online and look forward to more..."
— Kim
“ I have taken two workshops with Naomi and I learned so much at both! She is so patient and open with information and tips, which makes her so approachable for students and people learning. After those two workshops I would definitely take another workshop with Naomi! ”
— Hannah
“ I took your surface decoration workshop awhile back and just wanted to thank you!! I’ve been stuck on a project for too long—your workshop was very inspiring and really helped me focus on simplifying my idea. ”
— Heather
" I've taken 3 virtual workshops so far from Naomi Clement, and each one gives me such inspiration! I find myself watching more than once, taking copious notes, and so totally engaged that I'm amazed 2 hours can go by so quickly! "
— Kim

“ Great workshop again today. It was just what I needed. I'm motivated to get in the studio and dive in again – thank you! ”
— Gretchen