Tuesday, May 18th 2021
6:30 - 8:30 pm EST
Class fee $45 USD

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In this virtual workshop, Naomi will demonstrate all the finishing details that she does to create elegant and refined pots.  Details such as sanding work, inlaying colour, strategies for applying wax resist, and applying glaze will all be addressed.  Naomi will also demonstrate additional ways to add underglaze after the bisque stage, and other ways to differentiate your pots.  A recipe for Naomi’s clear glaze will be included as part of this workshop.  NOTE: this class is different from Naomi’s Creating Layered Surfaces class.  This class is exclusively about the steps that Naomi takes after she has layered slips and underglazes on her work, and before the work is glazed.  Also known as “the devil is in the details”.

Naomi will demonstrate outlined techniques for approximately 1.75 hours, the remaining time will be for in-depth, live Q&A.  All workshops will be hosted by the Sonoma Ceramics staff; participants will be encouraged to ask questions using the chat forum in Zoom, and the host will communicate these questions to Naomi during her demo.

All students will receive the Zoom recording of the workshop to watch at their convenience for two weeks after the workshop.  Many participants choose to observe the virtual workshop and work later, but you may also work alongside Naomi during the demo.

All Levels, All Ages