Ceramics Monthly Exposure

Guess who has a piece in the Exposure section of the April issue of Ceramics Monthly? Yes, ME!!! I’ve been reading Ceramics Monthly since I was 16, so it is such a huge thrill to have one of my pieces selected as one of 7 to represent the Beyond the Brickyard show at the Archie Bray Institute in the current issue:

Naomi Clement Flower Brick in Ceramics Montly

That’s my flower brick in the upper right hand corner (#1!).

Plus, it has a nice symmetry to it, as one of Joan Bruneau’s flower bricks graces the cover and her work has had a huge influence on mine (I apprenticed for her when I was still pretty fresh out of NSCAD).

You can view the full section here as a pdf.

Originally published in April 2014 issue of Ceramics Monthly, page 14. http://www.ceramicsmonthly.org . Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission.

Beyond the Brickyard

So, a while back I wrote a post (Lesson Learned) about how I was going to make myself apply to more things, whether I thought I stood a chance or not. It’s been a really good exercise to put myself out there—the interesting thing has been that the shows I didn’t think I stood a chance at, I’ve gotten into, and some of the ones where I thought I had a pretty good chance at, I didn’t. Go figure.

One of the shows I almost talked myself out of applying for was the Beyond the Brickyard show at the Archie Bray Institute in Helena, Montana, but, keeping Gretzky’s mantra that you “miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” in my mind, I figured I had nothing to loose. So you can imagine my surprise and delight a few months ago when I found out I got in!

I just got emailed the postcard for the show, and almost pinched myself to see my name in print with these amazing artists (heck, Kristen Kieffer was one of the demonstrating artists at NCECA last year, and Trey Hill is a professor at one of the school’s I’m applying to!).

Here it is in all it’s glory:

Beyond the Brickyard, 2014 (that's my flower brick at the bottom in the middle!)

Beyond the Brickyard, 2014 (that’s my flower brick at the bottom in the middle!)


(Or: mountains, clay, mountains, bourbon, clay, mountains, clay)

I recently took a little jaunt down to Montana—to visit a couple of schools for the great MFA search, check out the clay scene in general, and, of course, see the Archie Bray Institute.

After my 40-hour driving odyssey to get from Ontario to Alberta, the 7 hours from Medicine Hat to Missoula was a comparative breeze; although I must admit, that I wasn’t quite prepared for the massive stretches of landscape where no human habitation was evident… Montana is the 4th largest state in size, but ranks only 44th population wise (its population finally passed 1 million in 2012!).

Needless to say, it is a beautiful place, and, even though I’ve never been a “mountain kinda gal” (more into lakes personally), I can honestly really see myself living there.  I mean seriously, where else can you find such an amazing concentration of incredible ceramic artists/craftspeople/potters within what is essentially a 3-hour radius? Add to that, beautiful scenery, cheap bourbon, and the ability to buy bottles of wine in your local coffee shop, and I’m pretty much sold.

Both the schools I visited (the University of Montana with Julia Galloway, Trey Hill and Beth Lo, and Montana State University with Josh DeWeese and Jeremy Hatch) have great people and programs, so I’m going to have some tough choices ahead…

Here are a few pics from my trip: