2018 – Bound

The work in these two photo galleries is from my solo exhibition Bound, which was on display from June 8 – 23, 2018, in Sonoma Ceramics’ Gallery 212, in Sonoma, California.

Installation View
Work © Naomi Clement, 2018, Images by Steven Krause


A bound is at once a leap, a restriction, a connection, and a journey.

As a maker, I am interested in the things that connect us and that guide us forward: to ourselves, to each-other, to the present, and to who we think we are.

Growing up, we ate dinner every night as a family: 365 days a year, 6 people, 6pm, no exceptions. It was lovely. It was torture. It was constant. A pivot point to the day when we bore witness to each other’s lives over macaroni and cheese and green beans.

These days I mostly eat alone.

Cup. Bowl. Plate.

These are the pots of the individual’s dining experience.

Pitcher. Serving Bowl. Platter.

These are the pots used for entertaining—for feeding a family.

The pots in this exhibition represent two parallel realities: nostalgia for the family I miss, and hope for the family I want.

Studio Shots
Work © Naomi Clement, 2018, Images by Steven Krause