The Winner Is…

LSU TigersI’m thrilled to announce that I have officially accepted a spot in the ceramics department at Louisiana State University, where I’ll be one of four MFA candidates for the class of 2017 (feels strange to see it in writing like that!).

Applying to grad school was a long and time-consuming process (making the work, photographing it, writing letters etc), so it’s rewarding to have it pay off by getting into such a good school.

It’s hard to say what I’m most excited about—between fantastic teachers (Andy Shaw and Mikey Walsh), excellent fellow students, and living in the deep South, there is a lot to look forward to. But if I had to choose, I guess I’m most excited about how my work will evolve over the next three years. Oh, and the tailgating. I’m very excited about the tailgating during Tigers games—apparently it is legendary.