Hello 2014

Happy New Year all!

I’ve never been one for horoscopes, but I’m hoping that my 2014 one from astrology.com is right:

“To say that 2014 promises to go down as a career year for you to remember is no exaggeration, Capricorn. You’ve been working your tail off the past few years with Pluto and Saturn pushing you past any remaining comfort zones — and the rewards are just beginning to peak. Plus, with Mars pushing you hard for the entire first half of 2014, there’ll be no rest for the weary. But not to worry because you’re at your best — and often happiest — whilst being an industrious little goat. Achievement is incredibly fulfilling, and this year the planets are bringing you ample opportunities to excel.”

I suppose that they make these things general enough so that you can read into it what you will, but it does seem pretty apt (not to mention welcome), so I’m going to go with it. 2013 was a year of a lot of change, hard work and new beginnings for me, so it would be nice if it all started coming together and solidified into something tangible in 2014…

Here’s hoping.

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